As more and more Calgarians strive to lead healthier lives, electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of stopping at the gas station for cigarettes, more people are becoming familiar faces at their local Calgary vape shop. The question is why electronic devices loaded with e-juice are an effective alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Calgary Electronic Cigarettes Cut the Chemicals

While e-cigarettes aren’t completely free of chemicals, they contain fewer harmful chemicals than regular cigarettes. If you switch from tobacco to an e-cig, you automatically reduce your consumption of known carcinogens. Many Calgary electronic cigarettes are designed to look and feel much like cigarettes, so you still get the sensory satisfaction of smoking.

You Can Choose Your Nicotine Level

Flavour isn’t the only option when visiting your favorite Calgary vape shop. You can also choose a nicotine level that matches your smoking status. Someone vaping purely for pleasure may choose no nicotine while someone trying to quit smoking is likely to start with the maximum nicotine rating and slowly wean themselves down to nothing.

New E-Juice Flavours are Introduced All the Time

The more you wean away from nicotine, the more experimental you may get with e-juice flavours. You can select a flavor that is close to the authentic taste of your preferred tobacco cigarette, or you can have some fun with flavours that are nothing like any cigarette you’ve ever had. You may also choose tobacco flavours for everyday use and other flavours for parties and relaxing weekends.

Flexibility at Your Calgary Vape Shop

Calgary electronic cigarettes give you greater flexibility, allowing you to customize your smoking experience. Professionals at your Calgary vape shop can help you select e-juice products that fit your personal needs. Giving up cigarettes for a healthier lifestyle has never been easier than it is today.

All of your vaping needs will be taken care of by the experts at Foggy Gorilla.  Happy Vaping!

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