Yes, absolutely. Although how much you will save depends on several factors:
How much cigarettes or tobacco costs where you live.
The amount you spend on devices (this becomes a hobby for many!)
It is impossible to say whether YOU can quit smoking by vaping. The only thing we can say with certainty is that there are many people who are known to have quit smoking by substituting with vaping.
Whether you will be one of those people depends on a few factors, such as how motivated you are and how much you find you enjoy vaping. The only way to find out is to try!
Absolutely! Although there is no age limit given by our government as of yet, most vape shops will ask for identification from anyone who may look underage.
No! Bylaw prohibits vapers to vape anywhere smoker’s can’t smoke. That means public area’s such as malls, restaurants, recreation parks etc. Depending on which city you live in, vape shops are exempted from this bylaw.
This most likely means that your coil is burnt, not your e-juice. Reasons behind this could be because the coil is not saturated with enough e-juice. Always make sure to keep e-juice filled while vaping. If that doesn’t work, check the settings on your device. Certain coils can only handle a certain amount of power.
This means that your atomizer is flooded with e-juice. Too much e-juice causes over-saturation of the coils, thus making vapor production very difficult as well as making a “bubbling” or ” gurgling” when the vapor attempts to pull (draw) from the device’s mouth piece. The fix; put a piece of paper towel over the mouth piece and start flicking the top end of your device towards the ground. This will force any excess juice that’s on the coil out of the mouth piece and onto the paper towel.
Unfortunately we do not.
As we do our best to get orders out same day; Sometimes orders can take a day or two to fulfil. Most orders within Alberta will arrive to you next day if ordered by 3:00 pm. In some cases please allow a few days.
Almost all devices are equipped with an ON/OFF function or button. For most of them, by clicking the firing button 5 times rapidly will turn the device ON and OFF. In some cases, it might only take 3 clicks of the firing button.
On average, a coil should last anywhere between 2 weeks to a month. All depends on usage, and different brands of e-juice. (Some e-juices contain more sweetener than others. Sweetener tends to caramelize the coils a lot quicker resulting in burning out the coil).