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  • Berry Acai


    Ripe mixed berries with a splash of Acai infused with hints of exquisite hibiscus to bring you the most impeccable flavor with a light aroma of this unique blend. Soothing and refreshing down to the last drop. Did you know that Hibiscus is edible and has a tangy citrusy taste?

    Berry Acai

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  • The ripe flesh of the mango is sweet and juicy – the texture almost having a consistency of butter and to give this flavor and extra kick, there is a slight mintiness to it for that sweet and refreshing sensation. It will surely drive your tastebuds insane!

    Mango Chiller

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  • Fresh passion fruit with a sweet yet slightly tart taste, topped with hand-picked mixed berries infused with Violet. A sweet tartness with a refreshing mixed berry inhale and a smooth, subtle violet finish. A very delicate blend between fruit and floral essence.

    Passion Tease

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