///Illusions Chapter II
  • Treat yourself to velvety smooth yogurt topped off with a dash of freshly picked sweet ripe strawberries. Incredibly rich and silky.

    Crimson 60ml

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  • Indulge in the aroma of a fresh warm blueberry waffle drizzled with rich silky maple syrup and butter. Simply irresistible and delicious.

    Holy Grail 60ml

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  • Experience the sweet exotic taste of Black Currant, infused with coconut and finished off with a hint of fresh juicy pineapple sorbet. Delicate and refreshing.

    Taste of Gods 60ml

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  • A delicate blend of Blueberry, Dragonfruit, and Guava, indulge in the delicious balance of sweet and satisfying fruit with The Prophet E-Liquid by Illusions Vapor.

    The Prophet 60ml

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  • A captivating and indulgent baked pineapple upside down cake with a warm toffee glaze.

    Medusa 60ml

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  • A virtuously refreshing watermelon infusion with sweet blueberry and pear undertones.

    Messiah 60ml

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  • A mesmerizing blend of juicy nectarine lightly sweetened with refreshing sugar cane juice.

    Spellbound 60ml

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