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RDA / RTA / RBA are atomizers that make use of DIY rebuildable atomizer coils. These are for advanced vapers only. An RDA is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, these use custom coils where you drip drops of e-liquid directly onto the wick. RBA atomizers are Rebuildable Atomizers with tanks to hold the e-liquid. An RTA is a rebuildable tank atomizer, these becoming quite popular.

  • Vandy Vape Berserker MTL RTA, is the latest atomizer from Vandy Vape. Its ventilation hole can be adjusted to only 0.8mm with the air control ring. It achieves the simple possibility of a real cigarette draw. There is an extra 4.5ml glass tube. It is easy to switch the capacity from 2.0ml to 4.5ml.

    Berserker MTL RTA

  • Hellvape introduces the Dead Rabbit 24mm RDA, designed by Heathen; a 24mm, top terminal, four post build deck with gold plated positive posts and a 5mm deep juice well. The Dead Rabbit RDA is capable of running both single and dual coil options and each terminal has side mounted hex flathead screws, which are both included. Airflow enters the Dead Rabbit RDA via top side diagonal adjustable airflow which focuses on flavor and minimizes leaking. The airflow can be adjusted for both single and dual coil options and a knurled grip allows for adjustment of the airflow with ease. Included with the RDA are a 10mm wide bore 810 resin drip tip, a 10mm wide bore 810 delrin drip tip, and a 510 drip tip adapter for various drip tip styles and use. The Dead Rabbit RDA also includes a gold plated bottom feed pin to convert your RDA into a bottom feeding rebuildable atomizer. With its unique top side diagonal airflow and convenient to build on build deck, the Hellvape Dead Rabbit 24mm RDA is a stylish, high-functioning rebuildable atomizer at an affordable price!

    Dead Rabbit

  • DigiFlavor and The Vapor Chronicles introduce their Drop RDA, a 24mm, four post rebuildable atomizer with a gold plated built deck and stepped airflow design. Each of the four posts house a single 3.5mm terminal, which allow for easy coil placement and maximum build space with open access to trim excess. Airflow enters the drop through a “T” shaped airslot fitted with 10 air holes per side and can be fully closed. The Drop RDA comes with a pair of 810-fitted wide bore drip tip and a 510 drip tip adapter for a fully customizable experience. The gold-plated 510 connector can be switched out to a squonk-ready 510 pin to use with any of your preferred Bottom Feed devices. The Drop RDA by DigiFlavor and The Vapor Chronicles displays true versatility and customizability in today’s market.

    Digiflavor Drop RDA

  • Kali


    Designed in Canada

    Each kit come with 3 tanks and 3 drip tip caps


  • Sale!

    Odis O-Atty V2

    $129.99 $100.00

    The O-Atty v2 is an adaption of Odis Collection & Design’s first RDA, the original O-Atty v1. The layout of the build deck has been redesigned with a 4 post system which uses grub screws without the use of clamps. This will allow for easier installations of either single or dual coil builds. Our signature angled air flow is still within the design to gather the vaper from below the coils and then surrounding it entirely on its way up towards the drip tip. The deck is now concaved which is better suited for when the included bottom feeder pin is installed to drain any excess e-liquid. The top cap is now two parts which incorporate air flow adjustment, as well as a single air hole option. To prevent rotation of the top cap when adjusting the air flow, there are locators around the deck to help keep it in position. Contacts, posts, and center pins are 24Kt gold-plated.

    Odis O-Atty V2

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  • Recurve


    This RDA is a recent collaboration between Wotofo and Youtube reviewer Mike vapes. This single coil RDA gets its name from its overall shape, which is a total innovation compared to the existing straight sleeve design on RDAs these days. The sleeve of this RDA curves like a recurve bow implying energy and efficiency. It is 24mm in diameter and features side and bottom airflow hitting on post-less deck set up for sensational flavor.


  • Vandy Vape Bonza RDA features a dual post deck, fixed screw clamp posts, a side adjustable airflow system, a Resin drip tip and a 510 squonk pin.

    When removing the Bonza’s chuff cap, you will expose the gold plated dual post build deck that is made with fixed screw clamps for fast coil installation. The deck works well with either dual or single coil builds. Underneath, there’s a 2ml juice well that operates perfectly in combination with the gold-plated 510 bottom fed pin for the best vape experience in combination with your favorite squonk mod.  Airflow to the deck occurs via a total of 18 side air intake holes that are adjustable by rotating the top-located airflow ring.

    Vandy Vape Bonza RDA

  • Vandy Vape introduces their Pyro RDTA, a 24.4mm diameter RDTA with a postless build deck and a mixed air intake system. The postless build deck features four terminals measuring at 3mm each with side mounted gold plated screws to secure coil leads. The Pyro RDTA has dual 4mm fill ports in which the top cap features built-in plugs and also features dual 11mm wicking ports for convenient fill. The Pyro RDTA is capable of holding a maximum of 4ml of E-Liquid, however, a chamber reducer is included with the RDTA allows the tank capacity to be limited to 2ml, making it TPD compliant. Airflow enters the Pyro RDTA via dual adjustable airslots that can be adjusted via top cap and can be fully closed. Included with the Pyro RDTA are two 810 drip tips, one ULTEM and one Delrin Doc, a 510 drip tip adapter, and two glass tank sections, one ULTEM and one clear glass. Vandy Vape’s Pyro RDTA is a sophisticated and highly functional RDTA that is on the market today!

    Vandy Vape Pyro RDTA

  • Introducing Armageddon Manufacturing, creators of the all new sleek and sharp Apocalypse Generation 2 RDA
    21mm Build Deck
    4mm Deep Juice Well
    13mm of Total Wire Space Under Clamps
    Positive Post is Insulated With a Peak Insulator
    Drip Tip Size Fit Any 12.4mm Drip Tip (common size of all goon tips)
    5mm Airflow and Control is Made in a Teardrop Configuration to Give Maximum Customization.
    Fatter Drip Tip
    All Gold Plated Decks
    Over-Sized Bridge Clamps
    Lengthened Screws
    Embroidered Felt Pouch

    Apocalypse GEN2 RDA

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  • The Twisted Messes TM24 RDA is purpose built for performance, slotting in as a larger, no frills platform based off the critically acclaimed and beloved Twisted Messes Squared RDA, and features two distinct editions that share a quad terminal build deck design. Intended for use with complex and demanding coil configurations, the TM24 features a 20mm deck diameter with a two split post design. The two post design features side by side 2.9mm diameter terminals per post, with clamp style hex screws that have a flat bottom to improve coil to post connection to ensure accurate performance. The negative post is deck milled for durability, while a PEEK insulator provides great heat resistance. The 5.5mm deep juice well provides superior wicking capability while providing room for vertical based coil designs. The Black and Gold Edition features a 24K Gold Plated build deck alongside a 24K Gold Plated AFC sleeve to create a visually striking and elegant aesthetic. The Stainless Steel Edition utilizes high grade 304 Stainless Steel throughout it’s construction, providing a more traditional look coupled with a durable and workhorse level construction . Airflow enters the TM24 through two 12mm by 2mm airslots that are adjusted via the lock in AFC sleeve included with each edition. Each set also includes a 12mm widebore delrin drip tip that allows for effective use of the ample airflow. With a more compact and streamlined chassis coupled with the performance orientated two split post build deck, the TM24 24mm RDA by Twisted Messes caters to power users looking for the perfect balance between performance and affordability.

    Twisted Messes 24mm RDA

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